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Rannveig makes up one third of Våke, which has created their own form of mellow folk pop, with warm acoustic instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies. They aspire to write unassuming, honest songs about things that matter. Based in Oslo, Norway, they sing in Norwegian and English, and they have reached people all over the world with their music. You can learn more about Våke by clicking the link below:

Våkes website

Rannie - Solo Project

Rannie performs her solo material around Norway, usually joined by great musicians. She can also be seen doing occasional unplugged solo performances from her debut EP, "Go Darling, Go", which was released in November 2015. Inpired by her favorite singer/songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Carol King and the like, her music has been described as;
”Captivating story songs, that draw you in and erase everything around you while you journey into the world she paints with her voice”
Composing for Visual Media

Rannie studied Composing for Visual Media at Los Angeles College of Music, where she scored everything from drama to action, commercials to video games. She is currently writing music for commercials, apps and PSA's, as well as using her songwriting background to create theme songs and soundtracks to supplement the scores she writes for series and film productions. 


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The Blue Room Quartet

The Blue Room Quartet is working the restaurant, lounge and private event scene. The eclectic mix of nationalities and musical influences of its members, gives this group their unique sound and appeal. Together, they combine their different styles and cultures into a holistic and fresh approach to the great American Song Book, as well as more modern, easy listening music. 


Click here to view the Blue Room Quartet's Promo Reel


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Production, Songwriting and Studio Singing

Rannie has worked at The Abstract Recording Studios, The Garage Studios and  ES Audio. She also has an extensive home studio set up which is able to accommodate cross-border collaborations on a budget. Her projects include background vocal work and production, writing songs for other artists, singing demo vocals, etc. She is also featured on several albums where symphonic metal and heavy rock bands have hired her for her ability to sing Norse in Scandinavian languages. Further she is fluent in French, and therefore does a lot of World Music projects where Latin based language skills are desired.


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