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Rannie, who's full name is Rannveig Amundsen, is a Norwegian Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Session Musician and Producer currently living in Oslo. Having been active in music her whole life, after finishing her degree in Political Science she decided it was time to dive into music full time. So, at the age of 23 she applied and got accepted to the Vocal Artist Development Program at Los Angeles College of Music. There, she studied under the guidance of incredible artists such as 5 time grammy nominee Tierney Sutton, award winning producer and vocal artist Roger Treece, Michael Jackson's Dorian Holley and many more. 















Upon finishing her associates degree in vocal performance with honors, she was awarded a scholarship to continue her education in Composing for Visual Media. Under the guidance of esteemed composers such as Marty Davich (ER), Mark Cross (Cars, Meet The Parents, Key and Peele), Brett Perry (That 70's Show, Klandestine Man) and more, she expanded her horizons from vocal performance and songwriting, to scoring instrumental music to picture. She immediately fell in love with composing, and started dividing her time between playing and singing live, and writing music to picture. She established relationships with budding directors from New York Film Academy, and has since scored several award winning short films, PSA's, music for commercials, apps and other digital media projects. She has had her compositions screened and received awards at a plethora of film festivals, and the directors she works with have expressed great appreciation for her ability to combine instrumental scoring with her songwriting and ability to write theme songs, end credit songs etc., thereby combining their need for both score and source music. 















Rannie's love for working behind the scenes in music doesn't stop at scoring, she is also very passionate about her studio work. She started an internship at ES Audio Recording Studios in early 2014, where she soon became the go-to vocalist for several producers. From there she got brought on the songwriting team for artists that came through the studios, and quicly applied her scoring training to working with production.  She has since produced and written music for several Singer/Songwriter and Indie artists at ES Audio and The Abstract LA Recording Studios, and is actively doing a variety of studio sessions along side her composition projects. She is proud to be endorsed by Spectraflex Cables and Telefunken Microphones.


Rannie graduated from LA College of music in 2014, and after working in Los Angeles for 2 years, in 2016 she decided it was time to take her training and experience closer to home. She then relocated to England, followed by the return to her home city of Oslo. She can currently be found producing, writing, composing and performing live in and around Oslo/Norway. She also offers private lessons in vocals, production, songwriting and scoring to picture, both digitally and in person.

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