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Knotts Wins Distinctive Achievement Award at Wild Rose Film Festival


Comedy Pilot Knotts is given 2 Disctinctive Achiement Awards at Wild Rose Film Festival, for Best Screenplay and Director! Congratulations to everyone on the production team!

Knotts at Wild Rose and Hollyshorts Film Festival


The comedy pilot "Knotts" is being screened at Hollyshorts Film Festival on August 11th, and Wild Rose Independent Film Festival on August 12th, at the TLC Chinese Theaters. 

Go Darling, Go EP RELEASE


Rannie's debut EP is now available for digital download on iTunes, CD baby, Bandcamp among other music venues. Get your copy now, by clicking the link below.

Telefunken Microphones Endorsement


Rannie is thrilled to be sponsored by Telefunken Microphones, and couldn't be happier to be joining the select artists who represent this highly respected company and equipment. Thank you Telefunken for the support!

Spectraflex Endorsement

October 30th, 2015

Rannie is now proudly sponsored by Spectraflex braided cables, and she couldn't be happier to be joining the select artists who represent one of the most respected and innovative cable manufacturers in the world. Thank you Spectraflex for the support!

"Zelma's Unfinished Business" wins Elsa Lancaster and Outstanding Arthouse Award at Zedfest!

August 19th, 2015

The Short Film "Zelma's Unfinished Business", directed by Batsheba Ataupun Zalikha and scored by Rannveig Amundsen, is the official winner of The Elsa Lancaster Award, as well as The Outstanding Arthouse Award at Zedfest. It is currently also nominated for Best Period Piece, Best Experimental Film and Best Special Effects at The AOF Festival. Congratulations to everyone on the team!

"I Regret To Inform You" at Macon Film Festival

June 3rd, 2015

The short film "I Regret To Inform You" by director Philip St. Gelais is officially selected for it's second festival, Macon Film Festival 2015, music written and composed by Rannveig Amundsen and Jesse Rhodes. It is nominated for best film on the LGBT Block. For schedules and screening times, go to

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